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Black Jack tips for beginners

Blackjack is one of the easiest games to learn and play. But winning the game requires a certain method that needs to be followed. Here are few tips that will help you play Blackjack in a better way.  Following these simple tips not just helps you to play the game in better way; it also helps you to win the game easily.

Does blackjack pay 3 to 2 or 6 to 5?

Mostly the blackjack games pay three to two. But there are some games, where you get six to five on a blackjack. The tip is to avoid or never play a game where you get less than three to two blackjacks. Many games might look like blackjack and might offer you a low house edge. The easiest way to stay safe is not to play games that look like blackjack that has less than three to two pay. Black Jack

Soft hands

Blackjack is a game where you can use the ace in two ways. It can be either used as one, or it can be used as eleven. If you have a hand that has an ace it can be used as eleven or one is called a soft hand.  If you have three or more cards, it is impossible to use it as eleven without exceeding twenty-one. This is the reason why softhands play an important role in blackjack.

Does the dealer hit or stand on soft 17?

In most of the blackjack games, the rules and regulations are either listed on the table, or they are listed in a separate card. The most common rule mentioned is whether the dealer hits a soft 17. Remember the fact that you have better odds if the dealer stands on soft 17. So before selecting the table, make sure that you go through the rules and choose the table where the dealer stands on soft 17.

Doubling down

Doubling down refers to the scenario where you double down and make a second bet that is equal to the original card. In this process, you receive an additional card which is also the final card.  If the total is eleven except the ace, you should double down against the dealer. If you have a total of ten except the ace or ten value cards you can double down against the dealer. If you have total of nine, you can double down against the dealer with three, four, five and six. With a total of thirteen or fourteen, you can double down with four, five or six. If you have a total of seventeen or eighteen, you can double down with three, four, five or six. Black Jack pay


Splitting is a rule that increases the chances of winning. There are a few blackjack games that let you split and double down. This actually is a huge advantage for you. If you receive a pair and if you want to split, you can place another bet that is equal to the first one and split the two cards apart and face up on the table.